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Future-proof Property Insurance

Build your own End-to-End digital Property Insurance with our cutting-edge ecosystem. Save costs and make your policyholders happier!

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A powerful mobile app to build a digital environment

A disruptive and unique technology for a 360º view of your home. Completely modular, white-label by design. Plug and Play only the tech services you need.

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Claim process made cost effective

Let policyholders report a claim without hassles

Anytime, in seconds. Neither tedious video-calls, nor in-person inspections.

Revolutionary remote claim adjustment

All claim data packed in highly structured format for costless integration and processing.

Compare pre and post claim scene

Sphere collects high-resolution 360° panoramic images of the rooms affected by the claim, for easy comparison with the respective panoramic images acquired during the initial home-digitisation process.

Enabling fast & automatic claim payment

Thanks to our technology and the strategic partnership with Criteria group we enable the almost real-time claim adjustment to settle a claim in minutes.

Risk mitigation

Proactively identify and mitigate risks

Send active notifications to take mitigation actions and reward policyholders.

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The sphere index

A trustworthy certificate for home insurance

Keep your policyholders engaged with the proactive Sphere Index engine.

Enabling portfolio segmentation

Portfolio segmentation based on property topology

Completeness of information

Behavioural interaction with Smart Assistant


Generate value from your portfolio

Enable added-value services for your customers, your partners, and you.

Upsell products, e.g. safety devices

Enable cross-selling services, like extended warranty on white appliance or 1-tap replacement service, thanks to QR/bar code reader

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